Toledo Line Card

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61 Milford Dr. Hudson, OH 44236

Phone: (216) 905-8384

Chilled, DX, Hot Water, Steam and Integral F&BP Heating Coils



Radiant Cooling and Heating Systems



Electromagnetic, Ultrasonic & Impeller
Energy/Flow Meters



Air Purification, Odor Control, Corrosion Protection



Direct & Indirect Fired Makeup Air, VAV Heating, Duct Heaters



Thermal Dispersion Airflow Measurement Technology



Commercial Rooftop and Split Systems to 25 Tons




Natural Gas Fired Chillers, Heat Pumps and Outdoor Condensing Boilers



Ductless Split Systems, Variable Refrigerant Flow



Replacement Rooftop and Multi-zone Units, Custom Rooftop Units



Horizontal and vertical gas heating, electric cooling PTAC's



Integrated Piping Systems & Fan Coils Complete



Water to Air Heat Pumps, Water to Water Heat Pumps, Reversible Chillers, Modular Chillers